My Clients

I have had the pleasure of working with small businesses and larger corporations. However, some of my clients and collaborators have requested to not be included in my online portfolio. Select examples of private work may be available upon request. 

Who are my clients?

Anderson Courts – Web and Print Design

Spindle Publishing – Publication Design

Balance Massage Therapy & Wellness – Web Design/Social Media Set-up

A nationally recognized running retail chain – Web Design/Social Media/Design

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge – Design

O’creations Design Studio – Social Media

Jan McEvoy – Web Design

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"Katherine is an excellent worker who pays close attentions to detail. She is fast and gets things done. She also is an expert on design and communications for social network marketing."
Shawn O'Mara - ocreations
"I have always been impressed with her ability to create both unique and clean designs and her talent for finding effective solutions for difficult problems. She is a one of a kind designer that I would recommend to anyone looking for success!"
DeeDee Orton