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With so many incredible and diverse designers available today, what makes KT Creativity different? Here are four reasons why my clients enjoy working with me.

1. Personal Interaction – I work with my clients, not just for them. I stand behind each of my clients and my goal is to make them the best that they can be. My goal is to help you succeed and nothing pleases me more then to help you grow your business. Initial meetings with local clients are meant to set goals for what we want to achieve and what steps we can set in motion. I personally go over your goals and project details with you to be sure you are getting the result you want. I provide personalized breakdowns tailored to your companies needs, not based on a business plan I’ve recycled 8,000 times.

2. Cap on Cost – Perhaps one of the most unique services I offer. I let you set a cap on what the project is going to cost your company. For on-going projects that require large amounts of work I let the client set a fixed amount that they don’t want to exceed. For example, a client wants ongoing blog posts based on ten posts per month and sets a cap of $400. When I am within $50 of that cap I notify the client to let them know that we are approaching the amount. Should additional work be needed we can borrow from the next month, increase the cap limit, or choose to put off some work to the following month. This helps clients with a fixed budget keep costs low and still get the best service.

3. Educational Services – After your project is complete you have the flexible option to learn how to do the work yourself. That’s right, I will teach you how to do my job! Most clients find increased frustration from having to call their web designer or social media expert just to do every little thing. I will gladly update your pages every day for you, or I can teach you the basics so you can do it yourself. I will assess your skill level and develop a quick and easy session to train you (or someone on your staff) how to complete basic functions and updates for yourself!
(Please note: Educational training is for updating and editing a finished product ONLY. Complete web design and inital set ups of programs are based on skills acquired over years of learning, not a few short hours.)

4. Easy Payment – Projects are billed either on quotes or an hourly basis depending on project. Clients are invoiced biweekly or monthly with payments due 14 days after invoicing. Payments may be submitted via check or easily online through Paypal. There is even an option for Automatic Billing for clients who maintain an ongoing contract.


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"Katherine is an excellent worker who pays close attentions to detail. She is fast and gets things done. She also is an expert on design and communications for social network marketing."
Shawn O'Mara - ocreations
"I have always been impressed with her ability to create both unique and clean designs and her talent for finding effective solutions for difficult problems. She is a one of a kind designer that I would recommend to anyone looking for success!"
DeeDee Orton