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As of this morning I have completed the redirect from my old site to the new! I am still working to get my complete portfolio up and active, but have managed to get all major pages up and running. I hope you enjoy the redesign of my site and I look forward to working with you!


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Welcome to the redesign of I am working hard to finish this redesign as quickly as possible to better serve my clients. I look forward to quicker connections, better display of projects, and a easier user experience. Feel free to explore the new pages and features and look forward to the completion of this site by the end of September 2012!

Thank you for visiting!


"Katherine is an excellent worker who pays close attentions to detail. She is fast and gets things done. She also is an expert on design and communications for social network marketing."
Shawn O'Mara - ocreations
"I have always been impressed with her ability to create both unique and clean designs and her talent for finding effective solutions for difficult problems. She is a one of a kind designer that I would recommend to anyone looking for success!"
DeeDee Orton